All of our oils are made of vegetable seeds
that would otherwise have been wasted



All of our oils are made of vegetable seeds that would otherwise have been wasted.

SeedFair offers a broad array of high-quality vegetable seed oils made out of otherwise wasted vegetable seeds. Widely used are for instance our onion seed oils, spinach seed oils and carrot seed oils. The main application of our vegetable seeds oils are use in skin- and haircare products. Given the richness in vitamins (mostly A,B,C and E), Omega-3 and anti-oxidants, there is a rich array of applications for our oils like massage-oil or muscle-aches.

Some of our oils, like spinach seed oil, can also be used as food additives to add both flavor and vitamins to a dish. Some of our oils , like lettuce seed oil, can be applied for health purposes like insomnia and restlessness.

All of our seeds are sourced & delivered with the greatest care and the processing is carried out with a high standard of quality control. Upon request we can supply you with technical specifications. We offer our oils both in bulk packaging and consumer size servings of 50ML and more.

We source our vegetable seeds directly from the seed producers. The seeds we use are always seeds that otherwise would have wasted. These seeds typically are of an odd-size, an outdated breed, excess supply, over the expiry date or for other reasons are not suitable for growing vegetables out of.

Firstly, all seeds will undergo an entrance quality control check on suitability for cold-pressing them into oils. Subsequently, we press the seeds into oils and take the oil through a filtration process. The pulpe that is the waste product of cold-pressing is used in food applications or as animal food, so is also not wasted. Finally, our oils are bottled and shipped.





I believe it’s a total waste that millions of kilos of vegetable seeds are thrown away each year, that can be used as a source for high quality vegetable oils.
Victor van Tol Founder SeedFair

The driver for creating SeedFair was the realization that an estimated 5% of the global production of vegetable seeds is thrown away every year instead of being used for either growing vegetables or other purposes.

We made it our mission to significantly reduce this useless waste of food and have created SeedFair to make vegetable seeds into high-grade vegetable seed oils.

By doing so, we aim to reduce the waste of vegetable seeds with 1% globally by 2030. This sounds like not much, but on this scale we make a serious dent in the universe.

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